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Happy New Year! Just a couple days left and then we’re back to our daily routines (woohoo!). I’m proud to share that this time I actually managed to do a proper review of 2019.

Thanks to an awesome template from Ness Labs, which you can download here for free by the way, and the book “My shining year in business” (both in English) I had already compiled a list of things that allowed me to review what went well and what didn’t. 

Since I hadn’t felt super content with my year so far (I kept thinking I could have accomplished more), it really helped to shift my perspective in a positive way and to set clear goals for 2020. 

Keen to know more about my year?

Health and Fitness

This is an area where I’m really happy with myself in 2019. I’ve been going to the gym twice a week since July, did acro-yoga all through summer, and I’ve even found joy in going running, at least while it’s still winter down here.

Okay, I still have my stupid fructose intolerance, and Timo and I are still pretty much eating the same things over and over, rarely cooking healthy dishes (also because most healthy foods just don’t agree with me), but I’m generally pretty happy with myself. 

I’m noticing that I’m in better shape and that I’ve gained muscle, especially in my arms. 

Work and Business

This was an area I really struggled with during the holidays. I had been planning to launch this blog for so long, but then didn’t actually finish it in 2019, which kind of really bugged me, I have to say. 

Other than that things aren’t bad at all: I have some wonderful clients and a steady income but it’s not really blown my mind yet. Mid-year I became pretty tired of posting so much on social media (and in November I deleted all social media apps from my phone) so that I didn’t gain much more traction in terms of following. No community, no increase in newsletter subscribers… everything’s at a decent level, but nothing spectacular.

Friends and Community

I could write so many beautiful things about this area of my life. I have wonderful people around me who I see regularly and who we get out and about with – with and without kids. People I feel deeply connected to and who embrace meaningful conversation.

I managed to visit my friends in Germany at least a couple of times, too. 

And to top it off I have a truly wonderful mastermind group, where I get to hang out with three other women once a week – virtually that is.

Personal Life and Family

Phew. In a nutshell: Not that great. 2019 was a real challenge for me as a wife and mother.

Of course, there were many beautiful moments like camping adventures, a boat trip, daily visits to the pool during the summer. But there were also many arguments, insecurities, and tears. 

Things got better towards the end of the year since Timo and I go out on a date at least one afternoon every week, usually to the local cafe. But one thing’s clear: There’s a need for action!

Growth and Education

While filling out the template, my initial thought was “oops, forgot about that one!”

This isn’t really true because I have been doing Bob Proctor’s coaching program “Thinking into Results”, and I’ve been doing a weekly coaching session with my coach since July.

But other than that I feel like I didn’t really do any new training in 2019. Apart from speaking probably even less Greek now than a year ago, I haven’t added any new skills to my skillset. 

Travel and Culture

I marked this area as neutral. I only traveled to Germany this year and hence haven’t been immersed in any other new culture. 

However, we have explored Cyprus a lot more this year and although I’m currently struggling through winter, it was also me who decided to stay here and not to fly to Thailand because I didn’t want to leave Stormy with someone else for this long.

Hobbies and Creativity

I cheekily snuck sports into this segment, too, which scored me one more positive point. But I’m truly happy about having taken a lot of time for my hobbies last year. Next to regular exercise I also get to go to the cafe quite often.

Just a regular writing routine is something I haven’t developed yet.

Emotions and Spirituality

Similar to education I couldn’t write down much about this one. I think I have generally become a person with a good sense of gratitude and appreciation. But there are still days where I feel like I’m just in “survival mode” and I respond with agitation and stress.

Inner peace and calm are definitely at the top of my wish list.

Money and Finances

Even though I’m not completely happy with my work life, I am happy about this area. I don’t work all that much (at least from a German point of view; compared to the locals my workload is probably in the mid-range), but my income was enough to enable me to live a beautiful life down here. No big investments, but also no existential worries. 

Despite good intentions, I still haven’t taken care of my pension plans and a little extra profit will hopefully go a long way in the future.

My six goals for the next year:

In 2019, four areas scored a positive review overall: Health, friends, hobbies, and money.

5 areas are ready for an upgrade: Business, family, education, creativity, and emotions.

As a result, I wrote down the following six goals for 2020:

  1. Find a babysitter for David to take the pressure of family life
  2. Have fun getting creative, stay away from social media apps, and write regularly
  3. Stay on top of my coaching and do the exercises regularly
  4. Launch my blog and start earning money off it
  5. Lead a team of people with amazing energy who are 100% behind my business
  6. Stay focused on friends and community and keep integrating Cypriot laidbackness into my daily life

I also vowed to do a detailed check-in with myself once a quarter and not to wait until the end of the year. With some questions, I had to check my diary to see what I was up to during the past year.

That way I’ll also be able to take action and change direction more quickly and won’t keep postponing my intentions to the next week or the next month.

What about you?

Did you do a review of your year? How content are you? Do you have goals for 2020? 

Feel free to share in the comments, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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